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Posted 5th Oct
So I was a rookie and made the mistake of purchasing the £1 Ultimate trial conversion , when I only had 6 months of my Xbox live gold left. I thought it was a mistake on behalf of Microsoft and thought that they'd change it if I didn't use up the trial quickly. It wasn't until after everyone was buying 36 months of Xbox live then using £1 conversion that I knew I missed out on a great thing. I'm sure I'm not the only one and was wandering if anyone has tried buying say 24months of Xbox live gold, then buying say a pre paid 3 month of Xbox live Game pass ultimate say of cd keys, would that then convert your Xbox live gold time over. Looking at some of the Xbox live ultimate FAQS it states "What happens to my prepaid months of Xbox Live Gold and/or Xbox Game Pass when I sign up for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate?
When you subscribe to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, we’ll apply any prepaid time you have on Xbox Live Gold and/or Xbox Game Pass toward the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate plan, up to a maximum of 36 months"
If anyone can assist me before I go down this route or if anyone has any other options I am in need to get the best deal. 💪 :/
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I’d like to know too, I had about 9 months left and thought that’s plenty no need to add extra but as the clock tics down I wish I’d added a year in top
If you have already converted to Game Pass Ultimate, there are conversion rates for Gold and Game Pass subs


24 months Gold only gets you 8 months Ultimate
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Only other option, and it's not worth it in my opinion, is to delete your account (lose all your game saves,achievements etc) physically take your X box to someone elses address so you have a different ip address and register a new account there using a different payment method etc. Then buy all you can and convert.
Not sure whether you need to go to a different address, perhaps someone else will tell us, but I'm sure microsoft keep a record of subscribers ip addresses.
You were not a rookie, you still are. Other than setting up new account, you are stuffed...
Can't you let what ultimate pass you have just now expire? It then reverts back to gold. Buy the amount of Xbox gold you want then pay the £2?
So what I ended up doing is buying two 12 months of Xbox live off CD keys for £37.99 each which I redeemed. Then I went to the Xbox live ultimate page which was only giving me the £10.99 a month offer, subscribed too that, and then cancelled the reoccurring billing and it states that my xbox live ultimate will run out on 11/05/2021. So if you missed the original deal this seems like the best alternative without having to make another account etc. In total getting you 2 years ultimate for £86.97(y)
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Scratch that I just cancelled the Xbox live ultimate getting the £10.99 back and it still says I have 729 days of ultimate left
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