Xbox live via bt openzone..

Found 5th Aug 2011
This maybe a stupid question and i'm sure i'll be told within minutes if it is!.. but is it possible to Connect to xbox live and play games using btopenzone.. I'm not sure what kind of speeds they give you. Obviousy i'm not expecting it to be as good as a broadband connection.. but will it work? does anyone know.. cheers..
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if its a public wifi which i assume it is then no, my friend tried and failed im pretty sure the openzone isnt made for gaming, its more for public use of checking emails etc.
yea.. my xbox couldnt find it anyway. Apparently its possible using a mobile dongle.. But the tutorials i've found are all pretty old and for windows 95/98 by the looks of the diagrams...
I did it about 18 months ago in an emergency (well, wanting to play FIFA ultimate team during a house move).

I borrowed a mobile dongle my mate had spare, and connected it to my laptop, then to the Openzone hotspot. Then you use internet connection sharing to share the laptops connection with the Xbox, loads of guides online, just google 'xbox live via shared internet from laptop' or something like that.

It drops every now and again, and you can't really play multiplayer games as it would lag like hell I reckon, but things like Ultimate Team where you just needed to be connected to the server were fine. Did it for about a fortnight.
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