Xbox live/game pass question

Posted 22nd May
Hi my OH has gone and got a Xbox 360 for something to do. From what I have have read Xbox live is a streaming service where you get a choice of (x) amount of games for a subscription fee? You can play but you don't own them and they change every so often while you pay the fee? or is that game pass? or is he right in saying it only allows you to join in online multiplayer games? I'm confused please help. thanks.
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Live allows you to play online multiplayer games, game pass gives you access to certain games fir a overindulged of time. Ultimate to confuse things gives you both.
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u need xbox gold to play games, and then xbox brought out xbox ultimate what is gold and also u get to download over 100+ games if u get ultimate ya dont need to buy xbox gold
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Good luck with a 360
Your OH is right,Xbox live gold allows you to play online and gives you 2 Xbox 360 games per month to keep, locked to your account digitally. Games pass is a game version of Netflix where you have a library to play from. Game pass ultimate is game pass and gold all in one for a single price plus it gives you access to pc game pass as well..

there is normally a deal about, buy 12 month Xbox live gold ( then activate and then through the dashboard sign up for game pass for a £1 and it turns all 12 month into game pass ultimate...

with a 360 i would just order disc games from cex or eBay they are dirt cheap. You won’t get the full benefit of gold or game pass unless you get Xbox one..
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Game pass isn't even applicable on the 360 so it's moot. It'd be gold you want for online play and 2 games per month as part of the subscription.
Thanks for all your help everyone i'm just going to buy some games online for him to play.
Hi madmaggs.

Check out this thread:…946

There are several "free to download" games and demo's to keep him busy too. The "Crackdown" games are definitely worth downloading.

If you are going to buy games from the XB Marketplace, at least wait until they have their sales. If you keep an eye on the "dashboard" they will post promo's every now and again. As someone said, you can buy XB360 games a silly-cheap prices from CEX or Music Magpie. They do "specials" like multi-buys which are a bargain.

A prime example:

Gears of War (a must for any X-boxer!)
XB Marketplace: £8.99
Music Magpie: £1.99 (or 2 games for £3)

So, you could get Gears of War 1 AND 2 for £3 delivered!

Loads of other superb titles in their offers. Dead Island, Saint's Row The Third, Assassin's Creed(s), and L. A. Noire. These titles will provide HOURS and HOURS of gaming for peanuts.

L. A. Noire is currently £19.99 on the XB Marketplace so you can see what savings can be made by buying disc-based games.

I hope this is helpful and of interest.

All the best, Phsy.
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