Xbox Mod Chip

    Does anyone know where I can buy an xbox mod chip with fast, reliable delivrey. Looking to spend between £5 - 15.

    There is alot of websites out there but many dont look reliable and some people havent recieved there orders.



    why not softmod your xbox for free instead?

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    I dont have IDE connections on my motherboard, and using Splinter Cell/Action Replay/Memory Card doesnt work with me either cause my IRC client does not work properly. This seems the only method left to me. I can get a soldering kit for £5 so just need a good chip.


    Fair enuff - I don't know much about xbox modchips. Good Luck with the hunt!

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    i didnt know much about them till this site either !!!! cheers

    are we talking xbox, or xbox 360?

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    the orginal and first xbox

    have a look at [url][/url] as i assume they still sell them, but i can't get on game related sites at work ::(

    this is where i got mine from (the shop is quite local to me). When i did mine, i used a solderless xecuter chip, worked great!

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    thanks for that, I have checked that site out and looks like they may have discontinue the line, I have still emailed them tho, cheers

    does anyone else have any info?
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