XBOX Mod Chip - Cheapest

    Basically I want to run Xbox media centre on my old xbox that doesn't really do much work anymore so I am after a mod chip!

    I know it might be a long shot on here but if anybody has done this and could lend their advice, in particular the cheapest place to buy the chip, that would be great! :thumbsup:

    P.S. I know this sounds a bit unscrupulous mods, what with the word "chip" and all, but it isn't illegal so please don't delete. :smile:


    Isn't illegal? Hmm...

    Anyhow... you want to softmod your Xbox. Much easier, normally cheaper, and you don't have to open the console. Go to xbox-scene and check the tutorials. You need one of several games (Agent Under Fire, Mechwarrior, Splinter Cell) to load a special savegame which will let you run a softmod installer.

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    Cheers Mr Velvet. I don't think it's illegal, for backup purposes etc. Not sure now you've questioned me though.

    I only want it to make my xbox stream all my content onto our telly in the lounge :thumbsup:
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