Xbox Modding?

    can u modify xbox premium versions?


    I dont see why not.

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    Havent got a clue

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    if anyone does know please give me a shout!

    You tried google?


    lolif anyone does know please give me a shout!

    check out :thumbsup:


    you need to open up the xbox
    take out the dvd drive
    connect it to pc
    flash the drive on pc
    put it back in


    You can play xbox live on firmware flashed 360's.


    Welcome to HotUKDeals ewanmorgan

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    Whilst all the current and past xbox360's can have their firmware flashed (except one's with Philip's drives, but these are incredible rare), some are easier to do than others.

    Ease of flashing will depend on dvd make and model and whether your sata chipset is compatible.

    Any questions, I'll try to answer with my limited knowledge.



    My mate had one done by these guys. £34.99 to chip, plus £15 courier collection and £7.95 courier return.…954

    He is well happy with it.

    From what i gather you can still use on 360 live.

    I know that some good Tutorials are about too, one of which is.…php

    Also saw some videos about opening the xbox and flashing the drive on youtube, i watched a few on Tuesday.


    Just remember, if you open your xbox you invalidate the warranty!

    I know of at least three people who have sent 'opened' 360's back to m$ and had them repaired under warranty, the volume they have to get through in day makes it more of a hassle not repairing them.

    . .

    Thing is, when MS finally find out how to detect these, as soon as you log onto Xbox live with a modded box, MS will brick it........
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