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    Hi just recently set up my xbox one and really getting annoyed with it. U try giving it the voice commands and maybe twice if am lucky it's worked basically roaring at this thing. Iv re calibrated it with my tv being quieter to see if it would work no joy still need to roar at it. Anyone else like that


    yea I do feel the same sometimes.. the only thing my xbox picks up is when i say "xbox bing" everything else it pretty much ignores me lol... im getting rid of mine and just sticking with ps4! i thought microsoft would have big plans for the kinect but now as they have released the x1 without it just shows its going to have nothing for kinect that evens up to playing a better version of the same game on pc or ps4

    yeah mines sensitive.
    i have noticed its not great when the Xbox has just turned on but gets better once fully booted.
    on mine it picks up my commands more often than when my son tries.
    try getting different people to give it a go cause you shouldn't have to be shouting at it so may be faulty

    Try calibrate with volume really high instead

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    My partner can do it sometimes it responds better to him iv even tried deepening my voice feel like an idiot lol. If I do it with volume to high then will I not need to shout at it then? Even when I put a game in FIFA 14 took like 30 minutes just to load the thing lot of hassle to be honest not the most patience person lol


    Stupid Gimmick that was never likely to work well with todays technology.

    I've never really had a major problem, struggles hearing when more than 2 others in the room. Since I calibrated with really high volume works alot better and no need for shouting or anything.

    You'll only lose a bit of time if it doesn't work

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    Yeah il try it thanks

    as someone who lives in an area with a very strong accent, i was extremely surprised at how well kinect on the Xbox One works. If you are having issues with it, you haven't set it up correctly.

    As for the Fifa comment, you didn't put the game in the console and it took 30 minutes to load in, it was installing the game onto the console.

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    Yeah I did install it properly it's not hard to follow the instructions. Plus FIFA yeah it took 30 minutes weather it was loading or installing the game it still took 30 mins!

    I've given up on voice commands in mine, it just doesn't work...

    pick up the pad its much less stressful!

    Sold mine and brought a ps4. It truly is a better system. Come the end of next month we should start seeing some games for the expensive systems that we have invested in! BTW the Xbox would be set up to recognise American accents so that's probably why u are struggling with it

    Should of bought a PS4
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