Xbox One advice needed please

    I've been considering buy an Xbox one recently, and there's a lot of different deals for different versions of them and I'll admit I'm a little confused, because I'm not sure which Xbox one I should get.

    As far as I can tell there are three types, the Xbox One, the Xbox One S, and the Xbox One Elite.

    Xbox one, this seems standard and comes in 500gb or 1tb.
    Xbox one S, this seems a smaller version, is that the only difference? Seems to come in 500gb or 1tb too.
    Xbox One elite, this comes with a special modifiable controller, and only 1tb I think.

    Can anyone clarify on any differences for me please and which is generally the best to go for now?

    Also should I get 500gb or 1tb given the option? Can the hard drive be upgraded to a larger one?


    xbox one s has 4k video streaming and 4k blurry, that's the one to get

    I would recommend 1tb or more only because when you play a game for the first time it installs on your hardrive (even though you still need disc too play) so this quickly eats up memory x

    just get a portable usb 3.0 hdd and plug and play, I have 2 in mine total of 3GB extra space


    xbox one s has 4k video streaming and 4k blurry, that's the one to get

    ​I thought the whole idea of 4k was that it isn't blurry?

    The Xbox One is the original model which is, putting it nicely, ugly enough for only its mother to love. It also has a very large external power brick.

    The Xbox One Elite is the same size, but comes with the Elite controller, a 1TB SSHD - part of the HDD is an SSD so it boots up quicker, any games that you put on are on a normal hard drive though so loading times of games aren't particularly quicker. The Elite controller is the big draw for this one though, it's just under £100 on its own and is well worth it if you spend a lot of time playing.

    The Xbox One s is the new version, it's around 40% smaller and has the power brick built in. It's mostly available in white only unless you hunt out a special edition. The big draw is the 4K output if you have a compatible TV. I'd go for this one personally as it's slightly newer tech and is mildly future proof. There is a new Xbox coming out next year which would be the equivalent of the PS4 Pro.

    I haven't actually upgraded a hard drive in an Xbox one yet, but it's easy enough to plug in an external hard drive which you can then tuck behind it on the shelf

    I wouldn't pay the extra money for 1tb version as I just use a 2 tb external which isn't much different in the price and if you download your games you will need more than 1tb anyway

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    Great, thanks for the advice everyone, I appreciate it!

    Sounds like the Xbox One S is the one to go for, although I don't have a 4K TV. Hearing that about the Elite makes it very tempting too, that controller does cost a lot on its own.

    I'll probably get a 500gb version as I didn't realise it supported USB drives, I can pick a bigger drive up when I think I need more space.

    I suppose could always buy a separate elite controller (despite the cost) if I really felt I needed it.

    Now I'll have to see what sounds the best deal for an S!…492

    If it's a Christmas present for someone, they'll probably thank you for getting it all set up beforehand as I'm sure the servers will be all be down on Christmas Day like they usually are.

    If you aren't bothered about the controller I'd go for the S. I've had experience of that and the original and the S looks better, takes up a lot less space, and runs very quiet and cool. If you have a 4K TV it's a no-brainer. You'd have to really want that controller.

    I was considering upgrading from Elite to S, however, I spoke to Game store, and they reckoned that there is minimal improvement between them, and to wait it out a year for Scorpio. We have 4K TVs and 2 elites and hence why we were looking, but am going to wait a year and save.

    Original Poster

    That makes sense, although I don't have a 4K TV but it's something I'd think about in the future when I want a new TV. I'm not hugely fussed about the Elite controller, maybe if I ended up heavily using the Xbox and felt I needed it then it would be something I might get then.

    Really does sound like the S is the best option for me then. I'll have to check out the deal that Cakeboy79 posted, thank you.
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