Xbox one clicking noise

Posted 4th Dec 2017
Hi, I purchased a new Xbox one console in January which came bundled with Alan wake game, it was new and sealed from Tesco but manufactured in late 2015, Noticed lately it makes a repeated clicking noise, which quietens after about 20mins but does not go away, it is about 4 clicks a second. I don't recall it being like this when I first got the console. A quick check online mentions it is normal for none kinect models to click slightly, I don't understand why none kinect models, surely there the same console.

Anyway that info about kinect could be wrong, Do I get it sent if for repair why still in warranty or am I just being fussy about a clicking noise.
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Another issue being that a quick check online tells me Microsoft send you a label to print for posting, what If I don't have a printer?
If they send it to your email address, print a label off at your local library.
You deal with Tesco, not Micro$oft, Tesco sold you the item so let them deal with the supplier.
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