Xbox one Elite or S

    A few week back I bought the Xbox one elite at the moment I can sellie it for £5 less than what I paid for it. Would keep the Elite or buy the Xbox S

    I have a 4k TV if that helps.


    Sell it and get a PS4 X)

    Definitely S model with 4k TV.

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    Sell it and get a PS4 X)

    I already have a ps4

    misewell get an s if you have a 4k tv and also you shouldn't make a loss on an elite if you bought it during them cheap couple of days

    well I got an xbox one s still sealed for sale!!

    Keep the elite unless you are planning to use the S for UHD Blu-ray

    only real benefit is 4K blu rays, if you have no intrest i would just keep it and get rid once scorpio is out.
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