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Found 7th Nov 2017
So basically i was with bt and used to connect my xbox via an ethernet cable. This was fine until we switched to sky broadbrand (who i was with trouble free prior to bt). Since switching i can only aquire a connection through wireless which is a little poor due to distance from router etc. When trying the ethernet cable i just get the message "cant connect to the dhcp server" i believe it says. I have absolutely no clue for ip adressess etc but from what i can establish my dhcp server is on and running fine, ive tried the numerous fixes that i actually understand but still no hope. I have learned to deal with it until ive spent 10 hours today trying to download the new cod to only achieve %5 of my download. Any help in the simplest of terms would be greatly appreciated.
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My router is the sky q hub it that helps at all
Try a different cable
I had this problem today , it downloaded CoD last night with the cable but kept on getting an error message today.

Edit: Mine is BT btw.
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Your router settings need changed, try opening the ports although a DHCP error can usually be fixed by switching the hub on/off, you could try plugging in the BT hub again, it should in theory work although the Q box might moan.

Failing that ring Sky broadband support, a good ISP should be able to help with common troubleshooting, you won't be the first to ask for console help.
I feel silly now but i assumed the wire wasnt at fault due to working with a laptop but upon trying it with the cable in my room next door it connected and started to download at 50mb/s instead of the wireless 4-7mb/s

Thanks anyway
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