(Xbox One Foreign Game Buying) Problems With Revolut Over Multiple Accounts

Found 26th Feb 2016
Hi All,

I use the normal method of ViprVPN and Revolut to buy games etc.

I also buy all the games for my gaming group – so we all share the same card – and I just do the buying process as it’s a bit over their heads.

No problems.

However, ive been buying everyones games for a while now.

Ive just tried to set another friend up – signed in, all gravy, insert details – the same as everyone else – but it wont go through!?

Same three games that ive bought everyone in the last 1-2 months – and it gets to the payment screen, confirmed, Revolut Pre-Auth charge taken, but then get the same error message;

Please use another payment method.

Then I sign back in as me – select another random game – and it buys it perfectly… So its not the card!?

Trying to buy four games, from Argentina, Brazil, Russia & Japan

I can then log in and buy myself any game (tested Rocket League from Russia – no probs. Then I bought myself Metro – purely for testing – from Brazil – no problems).

I have literally bought 5 or 6 accounts worth of these 4 games – but this latest account im trying – wont do it!?

Can a Revolut/Payment method only be associated with a maximum amount of Microsoft Accounts?

As the payments have all gone through – but still show as Pending for the games ive bought in the last 48 hours (probably 6+ games) could this be it? (Too many waiting to be confirmed?)

Anyone else having any problems adding new payment methods to a new account (as the payment method is already associated with the other accounts – I don’t need to retype anything in).

My head is spinning!
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Problem solved.

Started another Revolut card - and it went through okay.

That would lead me to believe that you can only have the same card linked to a maximum of 4 accounts... Which kind of makes sense if they have 4 accounts/family sharing an xbox.

Bonus, got the £5 bonus top up again - so worked out nicely.
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