Hi, I'm new to Xbox one console. I purchased a 12 month gold membership. I went to download the free monthly games and on there was a free 360 game which I believe can be played on Xbox one. But when I tried to download it tries to get me to add a payment option. I do not want to risk having a card registered, is there any way around this?.


it takes no payment its just the way it gets the 360 game. It could be worded better but it won't charge you

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it takes no payment its just the way it gets the 360 game. It could be … it takes no payment its just the way it gets the 360 game. It could be worded better but it won't charge you

I understand the game is free so will not be charged, just do not want the risk of having a card registered as my daughter also uses the console and could accidentally purchase game content etc.
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Hi there!

Yes, you do have to add a payment option, though you will not be charged. I believe it is for age verification (or something like that).

You can always remove the payment method from when ever you want.

Once you have made the free "purchase" of the game with gold, you will see it in your "Ready To Install" list on your Xbox One console. You'll be able to download it from there.

I hope this helps.

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You have to add a payment option. You can always delete it after or set up a pin so it will ask you for it when someone tries to make a purchase.

You can add paypal as an option if you use that but not sure if you can just use PayPal alone as a payment option, but worth a try.
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Is it really about age verification or Microsoft hoping you will renew live and make a few purchases once the card is on file. I have a friend who added there card to there sons PS account so he could download one game but he then went on to purchase lots of game content on GTA at a total of £110 pounds. He then demanded his son remove the card which he believed he did and the following month the same again.

get a virtual card like "revolut" search for it on here, I use it with only a little balance on services that could charge more by accident.


I use a pockit prepaid MasterCard only costs a £1 just top it up at a paypoint and when you put your payment details in Bob's your uncle then remove payment option until you need to download again.i got mine linked to PayPal so I win both ways because if any fraudsters get my details they will need to top it up first lol.

I've only got Paypal as an option and it let's me download the free games. Set a pin as mentioned above to keep your daughter from spending

I add my bank card details to my sons account, dl whats needed then delete the bank card off his account. i have the MS website bookmarked on my phone so only takes less than a minute to remove it from his account. takes longer to add my bank card details, but worth a few minutes of time to avoid nasty surprises
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