xbox one gamertags with games for sale on eBay?

Found 3rd Jan 2015
Cam anyone help I've been checking ebay and seeing loads of games being sold digitally but not via a card redemption but people selling gamertags with them Is this legit or safe?

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There is no simple answer to this unfortunately.

Yes, you will get yourself a copy of the game, but you will be using somebody else's account.

I am an Xbox Ambassador, and disagree completely with this. However, one of the new perks of the Xbox One is that you can share games with other accounts (upon certain conditions).

Therefore, it isn't exactly legit and the seller could stop you from playing your game whenever they feel like it.

Technically, it can be seen as fraud as the seller had purchased one digital copy of the game, and is no selling that one licence multiple times.

Anyway, it's up to you to decide. Personally, I would always avoid.
Technically its against the terms but if you do go ahead ask the seller if they are going to provide the e-mail address and password for the account. If they dont respond or say no, then definitely avoid. But if you do buy and they provide details, make sure you change the password or both e-mail straightaway
I've just sold codes for Forza 5 on ebay.. They are unused codes came with a bundle.. Prior to that I searched ebay regulations and I found out that they prevent similar listings if the seller indicates that the codes will be sent digitally (e.g. by email), and sellers have to send a "physical copy", so I printed the codes out and sent them today via postal mail. FYI if you received codes digitally you won't be protected by ebay, even if you paid via paypal.

I'm sure there are many honest sellers, however it's better to buy from those who stick to ebay regulations in order to be protected.
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