Xbox one games for 7yo

Posted 17th Dec 2019
Hi I’m looking a list of suitable games for a 7year old boy for the Xbox one , he’s in to bmx racing / scooters / cars etc but then loves “Ryan’s toys” but won’t admit it lol Thanks in advance
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My sons love the Lego games and eldest loves fifa have you got a cex near you we get all our games from there cheaper and still great condition
Toy Story games are great fun. Also the 'Lego' series - all the ones I've played have teamwork or solo play, shootem ups and racing/driving.

Then check out the X box live games and see what's available. This is a great way of trialing games before you buy them. If he's anything like my grandson he either likes something to death or drops it after a minute or two.
Slime rancher and minecraft are the go to games here
Fifa minecraft forza horizon
For car games - Sonic racing, crash racing, forza, forza horizon
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You can always sign up to the games pass ultimate for £1 for 3 months and then he can download and try quite a few games. Signing up to this will also convert any Xbox live membership to the equivalent months of games pass. E.g. if you bought 12 months Xbox live and took the offer out you’d also get 12 months games pass for free on top of the 3 months.…812
GTA5 kids love it
plants vs zombies
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