Xbox one games for little girls.

Hi. Can anyone recommend any decent Xbox one games for little girls.
My daughters 7. And feels left out as her older brothers are always playing all these action and racing games and she finds it hard to keep up with them when playing together.

(I'm new to HotUKDeals so I hope I have posted this write)
Thanks in advance


Ori and the blind forest is probably a good start

Mine craft
Kinect Sports
Just Dance

I would recommend Rayman Legends. It might worth watching gameplay videos on youtube of the games recommended here to give you a better idea as to whether your daughter would enjoy them

viva pinarta my boy loved it when he was younger. should get it quite cheap now aswell. check it out on utube.

Worth checking out some of the lego titles.

Rare replay has Banjo!

You could try rare reply quite a few games that my daughter who's 9 plays I think you'll get approx 8 games for around £10 digital d/l with gold 7.99

The Lego games are good, Minecraft. Overcooked is good for playing with friends.


My niece is 8 and shes playing most of the above tbh --> minecraft, overcooked, lego movie + lego dimensions, just dance, rare replay. Shes also got the Disney infinity.

+1 on Rayman legends too btw awesome game.

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Thanks everyone. A great list for me to start looking into.


Ori and the blind forest is probably a good start

that's no good for a 7 year old, ​it's really really hard

My 10 year old girl seems to have enjoyed minecraft, terraria, Rayman legends, sonic, Lego titles, plants vs zombie garden warfare, escapists and roblox.

Would probably say more time been spent on roblox, terraria and minecraft.

how about some disney pixar games from the animated movies

Adventure Time: Finn and Jake Investigations
Castle Crashers Remastered
Cartoon Network: Battle Crashers
Child of Light
Cuphead (coming 2017)
Dance Central Spotlight (requires Kinect)
Fantasia: Music Evolved (requires Kinect)
Farming Simulator
Happy Wars
Just Dance (requires Kinect)
Kung Fu Panda
Lego games
Ori and the Blind Forest
Plants Vs Zombies
Rare Replay
Rayman Legends
Stardew Valley
Snoopy's Grand Adventure
Super Dungeon Bros.
Voodoo Vince Remastered (coming 2017)
Zoo Tycoon
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Adventure Time: Finn and Jake InvestigationsCastle Crashers … Adventure Time: Finn and Jake InvestigationsCastle Crashers RemasteredCartoon Network: Battle CrashersChild of LightCuphead (coming 2017)Dance Central Spotlight (requires Kinect)EscapistsFantasia: Music Evolved (requires Kinect)Farming SimulatorHappy WarsJust Dance (requires Kinect)Kung Fu PandaLego gamesMinecraftOri and the Blind ForestOvercookedPlants Vs ZombiesRare ReplayRayman LegendsReusRobloxStardew ValleySnoopy's Grand AdventureSuper Dungeon Bros.TerrariaTroveVoodoo Vince Remastered (coming 2017)Zoo Tycoon

Ive not come across half these title.

Looks like I'm going to busy.

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