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    Hi. my son wants an Xbox one headset for Christmas, can anyone recommend the best ones around at the minute? Preferably one of the ones that stop him shouting...please.


    You could try gaffer tape

    Don't know how to stop your son shouting but Turtle Beach are usually the brand I hear are good as gaming headsets

    The Xbox One stereo headset is quite nice if that's something you'd be interested in. Makes all the game sound come out of the headphones.

    The offical Xbox One Stereo headset is the one. All games sounds come out of the headset and it has a flip down microphone so he can talk into it. Saying that I got it for my son and he still shouts. The other option is to get the stereo adapter (depending which controller you have) and look for a 3.5mm headset and mic (has 3 rings on the connector without push to talk function...I hope that makes sense

    My friends and I all use the Turtle Beach XO One. I've owned mine for a year with no issues.

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    Thanks everyone. He's had turtle beach before (puppy chewed it) so I know they're good but I just wanted to check if there was anything else about. I'll look into the suggestions, maybe get something on black friday. Love the gaffer tape idea

    Bought HUHD headset for my son for his Xbox 1 in September, he is an avid gamer and loves this set, he says they are very comfortable to.

    astro r the best in my opinion

    can anyone recommend one for around a tenner?
    there are some in argos…667
    any thoughts?

    stop him shouting. haha that's a good one. I should all the time on my xbox.

    OT though the xbox one stereo headset is great. The sound quality is superb and it's relatively cheap. plus with that you get all the sound from the TV in your ears, along with the chat from the microphone.

    my son has the turtle beech xo four stealth ones really good it has a function where he can hear how loud he is shouting and it shuts him up. they are around 80 quid but I picked up his from tescos around this time last year at half price.

    Turtle Beach 500x stealth.

    Totally wireless.

    Super comfortable.

    Long times between charges.

    All chat and game sounds through the headset.

    Mic monitoring.

    Super light, can be updated through a pc though not needed.

    Great sounding.

    Would totally recommend

    Razor Man of War's

    In terms of them shouting anything with mic monitoring might reduce this slightly. Or teach him to be a better loser...
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