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Found 10th Oct 2017
hi hukd'ers, I really need some help please. my Xbox one keeps coming up with the message code 0x80073cf4 and that I should clear some space for it to play a game. now my Xbox and external hard drive have 100's of GB space free. I've tried everything I can think of from uninstalling and trying again, rebooting the console, installing the game on both hard drives and one at a time and still it won't let me play, it comes up the same message, and this is after the game has installed! can't see any thing on YouTube or Google that can fix or help. and now the same message appears before I play games I've had no problem with in the past!! I feel I've only 2 options left, completely wipe the Xbox itself, or throw it out the window lol
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What game? Is it a specific title?
hethekid31 m ago

What game? Is it a specific title?

Hi thanks, I'm currently trying to play DEUS EX, its installed but it says I need to clear space? But now when I try to play games that have already been installed and played in the past ie call of duty, halo, the same message appears when I try to start the game.
For what's its worth my Xbox internal storage has 241.1 GB free of 364.9 GB and my external has 242.9 GB free of 931.5 GB
Might have to factory reset your xbox, get on livechat to microsoft
gormley9030 m ago

Might have to factory reset your xbox, get on livechat to microsoft

Yeah mate, factory reset is my very last option, the hassle of reinstalling and losing everything like saved data is what's putting me off. On the plus side my older installed games are now working. Just this new game, so I'm no convinced it won't do it again if I by another new game.
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