Xbox one help please

    So bought my son an xbox one and we can't transfer his live over from xbox.
    He can't remember his xbox email/password.

    I am getting all confused wi his gmail and Microsoft account myself.
    Can anyone tell me what I need to do thanks
    Much appreicated.
    My husband had to set him up a new profile on xbox one today so that means his live won't transfer over




    Try this link, it may help you if you can remember some of your info.

    Password Reset Microsoft

    Original Poster

    I have tried but doesn't work

    You need to reset the hotmail/outlook account password, that's as much help as I can offer... Hopefully he set up security questions etc? Maybe even a backup email address to send the password reset link to?

    If not, I would have suggested resetting the password through his Xbox 360 since that's already logged in, however I suspect you would need to enter the current password before it would allow you to reset...

    contact microsoft live chat does he rememeber his gamer tag
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