Xbox One Install Times

    Hi all

    Decided to set up my xbox one and give it another go with fifa... it's the older halo model with a 1tb hard drive, not the new S model.

    I'm a little concerned about the disk drive though.

    First I put it in offline mode as I read that speeds up disk installation. It took me 30 minutes to install Mad Max 100%. Sunset Overdrive took about 20 minutes. It basically does about 1 gig per minute on the disk... Fifa took 40 minutes and it's 40 gb, although that was online at the time so that didn't seem too terrible.

    Does that sound about right or do I have a problem with my machine? I'd been using PlayStation so it's a bit of a change!

    thanks in advance for any help, would be appreciated.


    If you choose to update it while installing then it's quite normal.

    Although as I don't own Fifa so I'm not sure if there was some update already.

    Sounds about right to me

    DVD drives are sloooow. 1GB per minute (17MB/s) is actually a pretty good speed.

    Xbox one S has a 4k blu ray drive doesnt it?


    Xbox one S has a 4k blu ray drive doesnt it?

    Ah, my fault. I thought it was equipped with a DVD drive for some reason. Blu-ray drives only run slightly faster though, a search suggest that the drives in the Xbox One and PS4 top out at 27MB/s.

    Original Poster

    thanks everyone. Appreciate your feedback.

    Try redown loading nearly 1tb of digital games.

    That sounds right. Xbox One game installation from disc (without online update) is always slower compared to PS4. PS4 works different compared to Xbox One/S with regards to game installation (it's much better handled). With Xbox One game installation it just feels quirky to be honest. Hope the upcoming Scorpio address this horrible installation.

    However I moved fully digital as every game needs to be installed on to the hard drive followed by an update. It's far easier and simple just to go digital. Happy with 40Mbps, can upgrade to 76Mbps. In the near future BT will start rolling out 100Mbps+ so

    Original Poster

    thanks everyone! you've all been really helpful.
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