Xbox One Needed for 8yr old

    Looking for a good deal on an Xbox One for my 8yr old.

    We have EA Access at his mums, but would like one at mine that he can use when he comes to stay - plus i can use it as a blu ray player as i dont have one.

    Best ive seen is the 500gb one with Fifa and Forza 6 for £219 .... though i think with EA access he gets FIFA 16 anyway?

    Any help much appreciated.


    Hi RCUK, as you've said this will be used as a blu ray player and on occasions when your 8 yr old comes to stay would a used one be the best option? Maybe check out amazon warehouse deals or eBay? Some good prices since the xbox one s has just been released, hope this helps

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    Thats not a bad shout at all re amazon warehouse!

    Always a tad weary about ebay!

    Have you had a look on gumtree to see if there are any local to you?

    Whereabouts are you. I'm selling a good as new Xbox One for £150 with Halo. And boxed. I'm in Cheltenham btw

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    Im in bromley... so a little distance sadly.

    Just be aware that there is only a 10-hour trial of FIFA 16 in EA Access at the moment, but the full game should be in the vault in the not too distant future. The full FIFA 15 game is obviously in there now

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    Cheers for that headsup....guessing that as soon as Fifa 17 comes out, fifa 16 will be in the vault!.

    muiscmagpie the other day had some at 120ish I'd have a look there as they have 1 year warranty and are good at returns
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