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Found 1st Nov 2017
Today i bought an xbox one for Christmas on the box is 3 pictures of games Halo fifa and wat ever else would these be bundles or ads i ordered through Tesco the Xbox one only ,,,Cheers
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Not quite sure what you’re asking?
Today I bought a: Xbox One for Christmas. Yay.

There are 3 pictures of games (Halo and Fifa etc.)

Would the games on the box inside? Or are they just adverts?

Well, post the link so we can look?
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If it mentions in the name of the product itself I.e a bundle, then it’s included. If not it’s misleading advertising
Most likely digital download .
the games are on the side of the he box i will post tomorrow ]
How much did it all cost?
Did you really order something without knowing what you actually get?!
They are just pictures showing what you can play on xbox, like most boxes used to have a "sizzle reel".
Can you post a link to where you purchased?
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