Found 14th Dec 2016
Advice would be appreciated. Going to buy an Xbox one S for my husband. Is this a good deal:-
Xbox one S 1TB console
Extra controller
Fifa 17
Call of Duty Infinite Warfare £289


It's OK but look around a bit more it could be cheaper

Seems decent! who is that with? plus remember to go through Quidco if you have it for cash back! Also Battlefield 1 is an excellent game as well, maybe look at getting that as well!

I got a 500mb with FIFA, extra controller, controller charging dock and 3m 'live' for £248 from currys/PC world. Unless a big gamer, your husband might not need the 1tb. The most important game for me (well, my son!) was FIFA. I watched the deals for a week and then reserved on a C&C when I saw the deal which included what I wanted and a price I felt was decent. This was 2 weeks after Black Friday BTW

, £229 at shop for 1tb version with either fifa or call of duty. Extra, £25 then on to to pick up one of the other games so cheaper for you.

I would shop about there are a lot of stores doing different deals on just now

On the basis that 1TB won't be enough storage space anyway, you might as well find a 500GB one and spring for an external HDD - you'll be wanting one within a couple of months at the latest.

Have a look on Curry's site
Got a great deal for the Minecraft Xbox one with really good bundle options
I got mine for £250

Its a good deal, right now most of the bargains (shop to) have expired, might be a bit cheaper pre xmas.

500GB & FIFA + extra controller…wo/

The 1TB may be irrelevant & then you can buy a game he really wants.
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