xbox one to one s external hdd swap


    I have now bought a 4k tv and want to upgrade the xbox to the one s my gold expires in june 19 so want to stay with this.

    my question is i have a 2tb external hdd on my current xbox and need to know if all the files will just work if i plug the hdd into the new one s, or will i have to re donwload them - 91 games on the xbox and hdd - not looking forward to that download if it doesnt work

    any suggestions/help/advice greatly appreciated


    Yes they will, as long as the profile is the same. Just move it over to the new console, it will work

    Original Poster

    seems i can copy all the games to the external and then plug it in to the new system and use same gold license and it will work

    licence yes. If you signed in on new 2tb xbox click on my games,all your games owned will be there.
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