Xbox one tv tuner question?

    I have tried to search online but can not find a answer, Thinking of getting the tv tuner for the xbox one but i see that it connects via usb and the aeroa; does it still feed the tv with the signal or will i need another feed from the aerial to feed the tv tuner


    Hi dougle, if you only have a single areal feed connected to the xbox one tv tuner you can only watch tv through the xbox one guide, if you want to view tv freeview through your tv with the xbox off you need to either unplug the aerial cable from the xbox tuner and connect direct to tv, or have another aerial cable to connect to tv, hope this makes sense

    You'll need an aerial, the picture is fed through the Xbox.

    Aerial goes in the adapter, USB from adapter goes into One the everything goes through your HDMI your already using. I have one its a nice little addition. Takes up a USB port which is a pain. Hope that helps.

    You just need a splitter for your aerial feed. Pound shop do one.
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