xbox one updates

    I dont own the console yet, but i read in a mag the other day about an update which was 13GB!! i am now concerned that if i get the console and battlefield 4 (or later installments) i will cain my download FUP and as only on adsl2 i will never get to play games.
    why are updates so big? i get the games are bigger, and better but surely they shouldn't be able to do this - on the 360 it takes me ages to play if i need an update and a map download...
    plus where do you store these updates? how big is the harddrive?
    can they not come up with some other way of providing updates? i.e. discs still or smaller sizes, I have also just read about Dead rising 3 needed a large update but the dlc maps were only 20mbs.. just seems really weird..


    well you can set it to auto update. I don't know if this includes games thou I never turned mine on
    its all stored on the hard drive (500gb) and apparently you can use a external one
    one time I had a cod update at the same time as a map pack and it was about 5.7 gb and it took a few hours on my connection lol

    updates can be quite heavy. mine sits on auto update so never have any probs. if you have restricted downloads then next gen isn't for you.

    Many ISPs allow you downloads overnight that do not eat into the FUP. As I have a rubbish connection (2mb), I do all my large downloads overnight anyway.
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