Xbox one wireless headset

Found 26th Oct 2017
Looking to get my nephew a wireless headset for his Xbox one for Christmas but I honestly don't no what I'm looking at. Can anyone help me please by recommending a good pair but not to expensive? Thank you in advance
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I use this one on my xbox one…U40

have not had any complaints from people in my party, and no complaints from me regarding the sound

but i also bought this one for my PC…50/
and it comes with an adapter which makes it compatible with xbox one. I prefer this over the turtlebeach, though I don't use this for my xbox cause I cba unplugging it out my pc every time, I have a seperate headset just for my tv too when I watch films at night .. so that's how lazy I am.
I realise now you said wireless, but the wire is only from the controller to your head so I think this is preferable to most people since you don't notice it and don't have to bother with charging it and stuff
That's the problem, he keeps breaking the wired ones we've ended up buying 7 head sets since last Christmas he's a nightmare for it. But thankyou anyway, I appreciate your help
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