Xbox One Wuntu Game Pass Codes

Found 7th Mar
Looking for any generous people out there who have any Wuntu Game Pass codes they are willing to give away. Im planning on stacking them, and if I manage to get more than I need I will pay it forward and give a stack to someone else on the site for them to try the same thing. Have a little lottery on this post selecting a winner 🏼
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You seem a very dedicated member of HUKD, glad to see your contribution to the site, aside from your first post begging!
Nice to meet you. My first post in my 7 years as a member was 3 weeks ago, up until now, I have not had as much time as I would have liked to comment on posts like you yourself have. Thank you for noticing my earnest and humble way of asking for something for myself and others after me.

Now, if you were being facetious, then I apologise to all members of HUKD like yourself who clearly feel aggrieved by such a heinous display of selfishness, in their eyes, within a wanted section. If you had taken the time to ruminate over my post, in a wanted section, you would’ve seen that:

1. I took the time to be polite (as I don’t immediately have anything to trade and I don’t personally have a contract with 3)
2. pointed out my intentions (stacking the codes, I was thinking 1 year)
3. That should I actually receive more codes than I needed for my goal, that I would be appreciative and beneficent by sharing them with others.
4. I was being honest, something very few are in these times, especially the younger generations.

My appeal to anyone reading my post, within the wanted section, was to those that may receive the codes, have no interest in trading them and whom they have little or no value too, thus, giving them away to someone who could make use of them and do the same for others who could also use them. Possibly making them feel good knowing they’re not going to waste...

From what you have written though, I can see you clearly understood my intentions and were merely being appreciative of my unselfish earnest humbleness and not questioning my integrity.
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You forgot No5

Just buy game pass? It's cheap.

Asking for spare codes and looking to stack them is kinda greedy also.
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