XBOX One X Deals at Very via Quidco

Posted 29th Nov

Apologies in advance if anyone can spot the issue with this deal.
Quidco are offering 32% cashback at Very for new customers. Quidco are also offering an additional £10 cashback for any purchase over £30. So by my maths if you by an xbox one x bundle from very (£299.99), you would get £96 in cashback and the additional £10 from Quidco, bringing the price down to £194.
Having never purchased from very before, I couldn't tell you if they pay cashback on the price of the item before or after vat. But to play devils advocate the price maybe £213.

Plus £3.99 delivery.

oh well, worked for me, should've stuck this in deals, rather than here, with no-one reading it!!
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