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Found 9th Nov 2017
Hi all, quick question. I have an Xbox one s and a 4k tv and was wondering if it’s worth upgrading to the new one x or holding off for a while? My mum lives in Canada and was thinking if she bought for me there it’s only about £350 and I’m presuming it’s playable as the console is region free? Thanks!
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I am waiting to see what happens in the next month or so and see what BLACK FRIDAY brings. I also looked at picking one up in the USA next month but you will be charged tax etc. When it arrives over here so you are not really saving any money that way. I normally buy consoles straight away on release but £450 is a lot of money for what I expect is not much of an improvement so I want it to be justified to me but saying that by January I will own one no doubt. My advice is if you can get a good deal on Black Friday which may be unlikely due to demand go for it if not wait till January sales.
Yeah I think I will wait a bit. Thanks for your advice!
No problem we have waited this long definitely worth hanging on,hopefully it will pay off.
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