XBOX ONE X Trade Up Deals?

Found 8th Nov 2017

I was wondering if anyone has found any good trade-in deals to get the Xbox One X?

For example, Trade-in Xbox One/ PS4/ Xbox One S, etc. To get the Xbox One X at a lower rate?

If there are none now, might wait until Black Friday to see if they release any good bundle deals
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I don't think that any are around just yet, nor are that likely to appear before the end of the calendar year - retailers don't really need to offer this to get sales and wouldn't gain much by doing so.

There's of course nothing to stop you from selling/trading in as an independent transaction, then using the proceeds towards buying an Xbox One X.
That’s for commenting!

Yeah, I thought there wouldn’t be any trade-in deals at the moment... guess I’m just going to have to wait

But I’ll have a look at the current deals and see if a standard trade-in makes it worth upgrading sometime soon
Yeah thought there wasn’t gonna be any trade deals as it isn’t needed. Xbox one x has a very high demand apparently and since digital foundry blew up even more so
Hi guys thought I'd share this as was reading this post. So here it is trade-in offer Xbox One X
Thanks for posting that. I had a look into it. Looks like it’s just GAME just trying to get you to do a standard trade-in to get a Xbox One X Console...

I hope they bring out that guaranteed trade-in deal so I can guarantee at least so much towards the upgrade.

Might be worth waiting for Black Friday and seeing if any deal happens although I’m only expecting deals for the Xbox One S and PS4 Slim/ Pro...

Wish the console wasn’t so god damn expensive!
Okay, here’s a deal.

Very 10% off electricals (Xbox One X) (£304.99) + delivery (£3.99) = 408.98

However you must be a NEW CUSTOMER for their finance deal and you will only get that price providing you pay off the console within 3 months of purchase...

You then have 2 options:

- sell yourself privately and potentially get a little more money over a trade-in at a GAME, CEX, etc. Or,

- Trade-in at CEX and get £114 (500gb, boxed Xbox one S console)

Total: £294.98

So could be an option for some.

I’m going to wait a little longer to see if there are any other bundle offers around Black Friday.
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