XBox or Playstation3?

    Can't really afford the PS3 but don't wanna waste money on a crap console.

    What do you guys think? Its for my 8 year old so he only plays footy games really??

    What are the best deals??

    Thanks everyone...


    hi my sons play a lot of footy games and they have xbox 360 and you can play other people all over the world and talk to them. my youngest is 11 and he loves the xbox we had a playstation before which was good but he prefers the xbox.

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    Thanks to both of you for your imput.....I do struggle to make these decisions

    I have decided on an xbox for my ten year old too. Seems as he only uses it for games that they are the better option, not to mention cheaper!

    son has had both prefers xbox so sold the other

    Another thing you may want to consider is playing online. Your probably aware that woth xbox you have a subscription to pay each year but with playstation its free. The other thing is that the xbox doesn't include a wireless adapter and these cost about £55 (]link to play). If you can put your wireless router next to the xbox it can connect directly but this wasn't an option for me. Sorry if i'm making your decision more difficult.


    Get the xbox 360 from for £129.99 but i saw i for £119.99 some where in town can't remember where.

    i'd also mention watch who your children are playing online - i'm an adult love xbox live but there are alot of twits who use language that would shock an adult also loads of racism- especially on the footy games

    great expereince if used correctly


    remember u pay for internet on xbox

    the long term I would say the playstation 3 is the better option ( I got one from launch) but at the miniute I use my Ps3 as a media hub , so that was money well spent. My xbox 360 is in the corner of the room collecting dust. But if your son only plays football games then i would agree that the cheaper option would be the better choice , therefore getting an xbox 360 would be a wiser choice.

    For normal young gamers the Ps3 does tend to be the better chocie at the miniute with the full release of gran turismo coming soon and Motorstorm already out that's what they tend to do.

    With me being a big sony fan i'm obviously going to say ge the ps3 , but if your son is only going to use it for football games then the wiser option would be . Get a 360.

    I would also say wait about a week because with many shops having 20% off you may be able to get a good £20 off an xbox or £50 off a ps3.
    (Even though i'm not really sure if the 20% off is on games consoles)

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    Thanks for all your imput

    (Sisters OH has a PS3 collecting dust...Hoping to nick that )

    If you hadn't already spotted wireless adapter now just £34 from amazon

    If you don't manage to nic the ps3
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