Xbox or PS4? Help me please

Found 4th Nov 2017
My last console was the Sega Megadrive, I'm due to have an op in 10 days, gonna spend a significant amount of time recovering in bed so could do with something to keep me entertained.

would like 2 controllers(one for the wife) and fifa18
i don't have 4K tv
will probably give console to my 6yr old nephew once I've recovered

do u need to pay to play against other gamers online?
is it best to get games in the bundle as downloads or the cd?
are new versions of consoles coming out?
can I use the console for VR? Is it expensive?

any advice would be greatly appreciated
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Just get a switch if your gonna give it the young one, it's got fifa 18 and comes with the joycon things which is basically 2 pads.
As an Xbox owner I'd say get an Xbox, a PlayStation owner will tell you the opposite
Yeah I'd go xbox too and I own both...
Tbh, best option is buy one cheap and resell after.

PS4 used is about £130-150.
Xbox one used is about £100-140
Nintendo switch used £160 (just console) then £220-260 (boxed).

I'm loving my Nintendo switch but after I complete mario + rabbids, I won't have any new games to play till Skyrim, and xenoblade 2. Tempted to buy digital I am Sutsuma but at £32 im unsure.

PS4 has a lot of games that are great to play through. Same with the Xbox one.

I disliked my Xbox one as I bought it for the picture in picture feature (snap tv) and it was beyond bad. So it only got used a handful of times before selling.

More people are wanting the PS4, so the resell is pretty strong. While the Xbox one is at a much cheaper price and with the Xbox one X coming out. The base model will drop in price, I would assume.

But if you're going to gift the console afterwards. Both are great systems. It's just down to your own personal budget.

Me personally
PS4 > switch > Xbox one
Both the Xbox one and PS4 require a subscription to play online. Can range from a 14 day free trial to 1 month, 3 months or a year.
(Xbox live gold / PlayStation plus).

Xbox one has the X coming out which is the big boy machine. Top specs and aimed for 4k mainly but does have extra features for hd. (Not recommended If you're gifting away after as it's £450+).

Xbox one s, a slim console with UHD Blu-ray and some up scaling features. (about £180+ used)

PS4 has the base model and the pro (aimed at 4k gaming with better HD visuals on some games).

Base model £130ish
pro £270+

Nintendo switch just a tablet hybrid system.

PlayStation has a vr headset (PSVR), this'll set you back around £350-420 to get up and running. Required the PS4 camera (£20+), headset package £350 new, and optional move controllers (£30 for a used pair).

Cd over digital if you aren't keeping the console. Resell value is always worth considering.
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Snakeyes64653 m ago

Just get a switch if your gonna give it the young one, it's got fifa 18 …Just get a switch if your gonna give it the young one, it's got fifa 18 and comes with the joycon things which is basically 2 pads.

As with what Snake eyes says. I'd personally would buy a switch + game for about £280-300 new. (Used I've seen £250 low end with mario kart 8, and around £280 with mario Odyssey).

Complete and sell the package off for about £260-275. Paying a small renters fee. It has the strongest resell value out the 3 consoles in my opinion.
With xbox you can get Xbox game pass £7.99 a month gives you access to 100 games(some are crap but there's alot of great ones). Also you can get EA access £2.99 a month which gives you access to loads of EA games. Digital is a great way to go especially if you will be stuck in bed recovering as you wont need to keep getting up changing games. Which ever console you go for make sure you have a good fast internet connection.
Start a conversation with your nephew about christmas, toys, consoles etc, at that age very easy to get information on there preference without you giving too much away....

That aside, there is very little difference between the PS4 and Xbox, I have PS4 both sons have Xbox and I prefer the PS4.

p.s. hope all goes well
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Another vote for the Nintendo Switch. Get yourself Fifa, Mario Odyssey, & Zelda and you won't be bored that's for sure
PS Vita and a PS4.
I bought a PS4 on Prime day in July. I think the games are a lot cheaper on the PS4 vs the switch. So far I have 13 physical disc games (10 new and 3 used), I paid in the region of £130 (Should be £160 but I sold one of the games that came with my bundle). I think you get more value for your money.
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