Xbox Original chipped with XBMC etc - where to sell?

    Hi, any advice on this would be much appreciated.
    I have an original xbox, with xecuter chip, running xbmc. (also 2 controllers - one wired and one wireless, dvd remote and receiver and a cable to hook up usb drive to xbox)
    This has been used to stream movies to my tv, but I have now upgraded to Samsung BD-C5500 blu-ray and can stream with that.
    My question is where can I put the xbox up for sale, I have very healthy ebay feedback, but believe ebay have banned modded consoles.
    Any thoughts on where to advertise and a possible price? Also should I offer to post, as it's a pretty heavy machine!
    Many thanks, Scott.


    here doh

    not worth that much £30 bux delvered tops not that im biddng i already have 1


    I think the fact it has been chipped adds no value over one that has been softmodded or in fact a non-modded one for that matter.

    I've sold many a modded xbox on ebay over the years. You need to hint as the fact it's modded without actually stating. Photo's help no end. If you put words like 'xecuter, chipped, xbmc' etc it's a sure fire way to get it pulled. The last one I sold was around 4-5 months ago, it was a 320gb tsop flashed with x2 bios and it went for around £50 + postage. Being chipped usually helps sale, but the biggest factor is size of hard drive and quantity of games on it.
    Hope this helps.

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