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Posted 6th Apr

I do not own a recent xbox and have not played on xbox live for about a decade.

I'm starting to get back into gaming and forsee myself buying either an xbox one soon or an xbox series x in the distant future.

In the meantime, I do have a semi-decent gaming laptop and steam and I am interesting in purchasing some Xbox Play Anywhere titles which I can play on my PC and subsequently an xbox when I get around to buying one.

What do I need to know? Are there any gotchas?

Using Gears 5 as an example, I see it on the Microsoft Store (£24.99), Steam Store (£24.99) and Amazon (£19.99). Clearly, amazon is the best choice here... but, if I buy Gears 5 here and redeem it on my windows 10 PC, can I later redeem it on my xbox with the same xbox live account?

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Yes as long as it's play anywhere the game will automatically be there in your store when you login. Forza horizon 4 would be a suggestion from me for play anywhere
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