xbox points help!!

    just got points, put them in fine. for my sons friend. european points, they went in ok so obviously a european gamertag. when he tries to download map pack 2 for codwaw it keeps saying not available in his area??? HELP


    try downloading from instead. i always find it much more reliable.

    What region is his 360 set to? and what region is his gamertag?

    Marketplace has been down all day.

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    hey guys tried it from xbox live and got "

    This offer is not valid in your region, or it has expired."

    that was this morning. I'm pretty sure his xbox and gamertag are uk, either that or ireland, either of which wouldn't stop him downloading the maps. i've been reading about wolfenstein on major nelson and a lot of people have been getting the same problem there, especially if their xbox is in ireland.

    Call the xbox hotline, they'll help you.

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    just tried that mate got an antomated message saying they're aware of that problem and are dealing with it, hahah

    Yeah marketplace is still down I guess.

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    Yeah marketplace is still down I guess.

    i'm not normally one to complain but xbox live service is ridiculous for the price we pay. We host the games, therefore the games aren't always fair. The host nearly always has an advantage. Then again its "down" all the bloody time. Anyone agree?
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