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    I have an xbox elite and have had it for months now but my OHs brother has decided he wants one now so his dad has asked me to find the best deal there are a lot of elete deals around can anybody suggest any premium deals i have seen the one on amazon for i think £166 plus £10 for extra controller and 2 ok games can this be bettered. He would want an extra controller and the games he is interested in are vegas 1, halo, COD 4 AND WAW, FIFA PES ETC. I will be suggesting the elite deals but none so far include games he is interested in. You guys helped be when i was getting my xbox so it was the first place i throught of going.


    yeah me to wating for the price drop, need a change from my ps3..


    yeah me to wating for the price drop, need a change from my ps3..

    You going to sell your PS3

    Best xbox atm is the Jasper Arcade

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    rep for you simon but as they want the best deal price wise and i am sure a 60 gb hard drive should be enouth and as the games that come with the elite are not what he is after does any body know of any premium deals
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