Found 8th Dec 2010
can someone tell me if ,
i put a movie onto a flash drive,
would i be able to play it through my xbox ?
i know it can be done from a PS3


never had a problem, heard people say it needs to be connected to the interweb for it to work as it needs to download codecs, not sure how true that is.

The only thing I have noticed between the 360 and the PS3 is the inability of the 360 to store it on the HDD for playback.

This was about a year ago when I was new to the 360, and haven't tried since.

Thats good to know, a friend was wanting to sell his PS3 and get a Xbox slim but he thought you couldnt play movies from usb.

just stream it from ur pc all you gotta do is put it into the shared folder and then no more messing about with flash drives i find it great

yeah you can, you download a "optional media addon" once (codecs i guess)
it does it when you try watch a avi the first time thenyou dontneed to connect it up ever again f you dont want to
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