xbox question rrd?

    my friends sons xbox have this and she dosent know what to do with it i said i would ask on here as there are alot of people on here with genuine advice thanks guys


    0800 587 1102
    Ring microsoft

    Should be in the 3 years warranty you can also register online and request a repair

    is it still within warranty? (3 years)
    has she had the console from new? (unregistered)
    whats the mfr date? (on the back of the console near the ethernet port)
    has it been modified? (flashed)

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    she has had it from new i am sure she said they got it last christmas she got it from argos and tried to take it back but they said no it has not been modified in any way she has 2 boys both under 11 so i dont know how often its used or if they have damaged it somehow i cant give model number and all that cause as i said its my friend so would need to ask her and then let you know

    3 year warranty, call them up if within warranty - they will arrange collection for item with UPS and send you a pre - paided lable in which you use - you pack the xbox360 yourself and then put that lable.

    Its pre - paided - then you ring up UPS and arrange collection. And they come and collect it and send it to germany, where they will sort the problem out.

    And send it back to you.

    With no cost at all. Top service.

    easiest way then is probably for her to go on…ort and register a new repair

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    right guys that sounds good i never knew what to do at all dont know why she asked me! lol
    anyway will pass this on to her and hopefully she gets it sorted as her boys are driving her mad without it!

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    ps wil add rep for your help
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