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Found 14th Jan 2007
:thumbsup: Does anyone where I can get this the cheapest? I find it difficult to use the DVD player with the Xbox control. thanks

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xbox or xbox 360?


Is this for the Xbox 360 or original Xbox? HMV do the 360 version for £9.99: ]http//ww…002and Play.com for £8.99: ]http//ww…tml If you want a standard Xbox one, then these are harder to find.

is the one from hmv the official one bigmac?

it looks like it

]This is the official microsoft one.

The one above is a spectravideo.

I'm selling an official Microsoft one in the For Sale forum. ]CLICK HERE!


is the one from hmv the official one bigmac?it looks like it

Jg213, nope these are not official ones, if you want them they are nearly twice the price, however as with most things it should not be an issue to use a non original remote as they still do the same job.

hi,,i got my dvd remote(original xbox) of ebay for about £9 (not an official microsoft one but works perfect),,not cheap but getting hard to find now

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thanks for all your replies i's for the 360!! :thumbsup:

I am looking for one of these would like the universal remote any deals about that I could use.
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