Found 10th Jun 2008
was looking to get other half the rockbands set but argos do the drums seperate we already got guitar hero so will i be just be able to buy drums and the rockbands game or do i have to buy another guitar thnks for help rep given


EDIT: Wrong..They should be compatible:) The rockband guitar will not work on Guitar Hero though..I remember now because there was a HUGE debate on this and they wouldnt settle until the last minute

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thnks but can any one deffo confirm this

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thnks for help lee rep given

Im planning to play this aswell lol so i kept updates on it:D

Hi mate,

The 360 Guitar Hero guitar does work on Rock Band. Just not the other way around.
A good cheap way as you've described
Rock Band Game £40
Rock Band Drums £60
Then use your headset plugged into a controller for the Mic or even better a USB Mic

The key thing for me is we already have 2 guitars in the house, to add another and drums seems a bit much.
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