Xbox RROD Help

    Turned my xbox on today and found it has the 3 RROD lights. The 3 red lights just keep flashing. I don't play it much as it's a spare xbox. I have made sure everything is plugged in right.

    Any tips to maybe get it working again as it's out of warranty? (also I am not good with playing around with parts)



    How old is it, and did you buy it from a shop?

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    MFD 2005 and ebay .



    MFD 2005 and ebay .

    your screwed bud

    If only there was a continuous play for XBOXes......................

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    Thanks, looks like I will have to sell it.

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    If it's got the Microsoft seal on it and it hasn't been opened why does it make a difference? (someone asked me in my sale thread)

    Question been answered now.
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