Xbox Scratches Game?

Found 30th Mar 2008

My 360 keeps scratching my Call of duty 4 disk and that disk only? I dnt move my xbox at all and i play other games - yet only COD gets stratched so much i get "This disk is unreadable"

Why does it do this?


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Think I read somewhere that this is a sign that your drive is starting to fail. First one game & then others will become "unreadable". Hope I'm wrong however.
I've read something about this happening when the Xbox is stood up vertically. However, as I don't have an XBox it didn't really read into it any further.
This used to happen to me all the time, some games i simply could not play it would pop up so often, and my Call of Duty started saying it when it hadn;t left the drive since i bought it.
But then I got the ring of death and when microsoft sent it back they said it was a drive problem, and now it plays the games perfectly.
If your xbox is in warranty, get a new one, if not...then I guess you're going to have to wait until it gets the ring of death and send it off to be fixed. Or i suppose you could buy a new drive from ebay? void the warranty though..
Take it back to where you brought it if you can - else you'll need to send it off to Microsoft.
Thanks - Will ring microsoft in a bit

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