Posted 1st Jan 2021
I know there have been a few monitor threads but I’m pretty specific of what I am looking for and I have so far narrowed my list down. I’m going to be running this with the XBOX Series X. Unfortunately the OLED I bought 18 months ago will only run 1080P/120FPS and 4K/60FPS.

I mainly play FPS games Modern Warfare and Cold War currently. So the monitor needs to run 1440P at 120FPS. I’m budgeting between £300-350. I’ve never used a curved monitor, is it a gimmick or worth it? I’ve narrowed it down to the 5 below, any advice is appreciated. I’ve started to doubt the Gigabytes I’ve listed. And have gut feelings for buying either the MSI or Pixio.

Gigabyte G27Q-EK - IPS 1MS Flat
BenQ EX2780Q - IPS 5MS Flat
Gigabyte G32QC-EK - VA 1MS Curved
Pixio PX277 - IPS 1MS Flat
MSI MAG272CQR - VA 1MS Curved
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