Posted 16th Feb 2023
For the past few days my Xbox Series X MS rewards app has been asking me to change location then closing! If I click it again it opens but from what I've read so far it seems this will eventually stop opening! I've done the hotspot trick with a mobile but it still shows the location message so does anyone have any other ideas how to stop this or is it just a case of wait and hopefully it will stop? I fear losing access to my points!

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    I had this yesterday! Said location error, which is untrue as I am not "vacationing in New Zealand" at the moment. Loaded up fine the next time.
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    Known issue. I had it pop up yesterday but was fine today.…ht/
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    I had this for about 6 months then one day it fixed it's self. The customer service was a joke, so don't bother wasting time with it. They wouldn't back date the points I would had missed either.

    So I cashed out my £85 worth of points into Amazon credit and stopped doing the daily points.
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    I had this for the last few months but this week it seems to be fixed
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    This happened to me for the first time yesterday/today. I just reopened too and it seemed to work fine.

    On a related note, I saw an ad for Dead Space on the dash and the text was not in English, it was Polish or something slavic.
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    Weird that this still persists on mine then? I've obviously not changed region or added live or anything like that for a few years so not sure whats the cause?
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    Lol so they want you to learn another language now to play their games
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    This happens to me quite frequently. It seems to be a crapshoot whether or not it works or I'm in an entirely different location. It only started happening after I changed Internet Provider about a year ago. For about eight months, I was locked out with the location error, then a couple of weeks ago, It was working and I was able to start racking up points again. Last week, and, nope, location error. Annoyed, I left it for a day, the next day, back in. The hotspot thing only worked for me a couple of times, right at the beginning of the problem. My Providers claim it's all Microsoft's fault. Because of course they do. Frankly, it's a bit annoying.
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    Anonymous User
    I had this as well this week - but we've been getting work on the house, so the power has been off a few times. Get a different IP when the router restarts, so it could be worth trying that.

    (Something to do with IP blocks and where they are registered?)
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