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Xbox series X/S enhanced games help

Posted 27th Jan 2021
Hi, can anyone explain exactly how it works when installing series X/S games please?

I had a load of games stored on my 2TB external I was using with my Xbox one. Got my Series S today and plugged in the external and saw some games had 2 different icons on them. One saying enhanced for X/S and the other as 2 arrows (I assume the arrows means it should be transferred to internal SSD).

So I've transferred AC Valhalla, Gears 5, Gears Tactics and BO Cold War over and the arrows have now disappeared. But I'm wondering if I need to do further downloads/updates to get the enhanced versions as I thought the file sizes should now be bigger. Also I bought the cross gen version of Cold War but it doesn't have the X/S icon on it.

Sorry for the story but can someone please explain how all this works? Thanks
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