Xbox SkyPlayer - why am I getting content? (don't subscribe)

    Just trying to work out why I can view all movies on demand yet I don't subscribe to Sky at all. Is there some free content at the moment? Not signed up for anything.
    I can also view Movies Screen 1 & 2 live (no other live channels that I can see) and SKY1 on demand plus probably others on demand.
    I thought you at least had to be a subscriber to view anything at all.

    The only thing I did do was sign in on the SkyPlayer using my old login from about 2 years ago when I did subscribe. I still have a Sky box and viewing card but that's just to view the free channels.

    Anybody shed any light on this? (not that I should be complaining that I can view over 100 movies on demand!) Just seems a bit strange to me.


    I have Sky, and xbox live gold.

    does this mean i can watch sky through my xbox?

    is this easy to do and why havent i heard about it lol

    no idea mate but id keep quiet about it if i was you!!

    jonsey, its free if you have the most expensive broadband OR multiroom..
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