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Posted 17th Jul 2022
Can someone either reply a hyperlink to instructions on how to VPN Xbox games.
Or just give a basic explanation on how to?
I kind of understand from reading the recent games posted.
But do I just buy the game as normal, Then use VPN to open my Xbox account on the PC and redeem the code.
And then just go to my xbox and download it? And that's it? or is there faffing about with Forgien currency like with the PS, that put me off on the PS.

If that's it, how likely are you to get caught / Xbox banned from network. Meaning is it better to buy old / 1 player games like this and buy COD as official UK they are multiplayer.
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    1. Buy the game or code from the region
    2. Turn on your VPN and set to the same region
    3. Go to, log into your account and redeem the code from step 1
    4. Check your Xbox or PC to confirm the game is now added to your library

    No need to mess about with store credit for that region. A credit card without foreign exchange fees is best. (edited)
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    Anonymous User Author
    Thanks. I have 2 questions.
    Can I use an online VPN that's free? Or do I have to download / Buy one. Someone said Urban VPN or what's your recomendation?

    And... How realistic is it that you get banned from the network.
    The only real concern I have is COD, rubbish players report anyone for beating them and I've been falsely suspended from Xbox live for 24Hrs because of false reports on COD and Gears 5.

    I don't wanna Brick a console just for the sake of buying a few games on the cheap.
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    Can I do this on my phone or do I have to use a PC
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