Xbox wireless adapter?

    hi i;m wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction of the wireless adapter i need to make my sons xbox upstairs connect to our wireless internet downstiars please. Also the cheapest good one?? Hope you can help.


    get yourself a belkin wireless g gaming adapter works flawlessly ive got 1 try ebay should be aound £20 or so…ing

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    thanks, after reading a couple of threads on here, does it matter what wireless router thing i got? cos not sure what i got to be honest lol.

    What do u need an N or a G?

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    sorry i dont know, whats the difference?

    ive got sky broadband and just use the supplied router and never had a drop out with the belkin

    gaming adapter or homeplugs/powerline adapters..
    we use a gaming adapter in one and the other is connected to the laptop.
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