Xbox Wireless Bridge

    Sorry if this has been asked a lot but cant get the hang of the sites new search feature.
    I'm wanting to connect my old xbox up to my wireless network, does anyone know where I can get a wireless bridge as cheap as possible?


    Gameplay have them in stock for £54.99. There is also a £5 voucher on the boards at the moment making it £49.99. You could also have Quidco cashback on top ... but still expensive really!
    Hate to say it - ssshhh - eBay?

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    Ah thanks but I was hoping for a bridge for a origional Xbox, not that stupidly expensive 360 one

    ebay or over at avforums they pop up also.

    a linksysk wga11 is what you need.

    My quotes are for the ORIGINAL Xbox...
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